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We DO NOT: Collect the heads of dead enemies as trophies.

We DO: Identify and approach well suited Candidates employed elsewhere to fill business positions.


Proven Track Record

 HPS Talent is an exceptionally well networked executive recruiting firm that hunts talent for some of the strongest corporations in North America. Our singular focus is targeting and identifying ambitious talent. We work to fill full time roles as well as contract positions for high level consultants that may only be needed for a period certain. Our job is protecting our Clients from hiring anyone other than those with the highest pedigree to represent their brand. Our search process is creative, thorough and customized to consistently deliver the BEST Candidates to our Clients. Our goal is to build lasting relationships that reflect the growth and success of our Clients & Candidates. 


Industries served:

  • Banking / Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Tax / Accounting 
  • Cannabis / Agriculture
  • Event Planning
  • Fashion 


Pedigree / Experience

 As an employer, you'll enjoy the success that comes from working with expert recruiters that specialize in custom built sourcing practices that locate "hard to find" candidates that stand out from the pack. 


Mutual Suitability

Companies are driven by a team of leaders. These teams are the role models of their industry. They excel because they are very selective when building their teams, cherry picking from the top and demanding a pedigree. 


The Ideal Hire

Our job is to deeply vet our Candidates and Clients, we then seamlessly align these two  parties. The Talent we deliver positively impact the company’s bottom line. 

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